How it works
Here at Playbonds we want to transform the bingo room experience that you used to find in physical bingo rooms into an online experience.
Try the 90 ball bingo room, where you can choose and buy the cards you want to play with, live! Each card has 15 numbers, from 1 to 90. When you purchase a card, you play against every other person who has purchased cards for that round. Playbonds ensures the minimum value of the prizes, but the amount of cards sold determines the final value of the prizes. Once the round begins, balls (numbered 1 through 90) are randomly raffled.

What can I win?
You have the chance to win up to 3 prizes during every game: line, Double line and bingo.
- Line: Happens when a player marks the 5 numbers of the same line.
- Double Line: Happens when a player marks the 5 numbers of two lines on the same card.
- Bingo: Happens when the player marks all the numbers on the card.
If you win, the value of the prize will be deposited into your account automatically.
If there is more than one winner per prize, the value of the prize is divided among them. For instance: if the value of the prize is $500.00 and there are two winners, each will receive $250.00.

How to start playing?
If you have never played bingo before, we guarantee that it is very easy and super fun! If you want to know more, you can continue to read this guide. But if you have played before, we invite you to start playing immediately and have fun!

Step 1: Register at Playbonds
Click here ( to register on our site. A page will open where you must enter the required information. Then click on Register.
If you have any doubts, you can contact one of our receptionists using our 24 hour Online Support (

Step 2: Deposit credits into your account

Our site lets you play bingo for free or by depositing money. In the free version, you can play without depositing credit. In order to place bets with real money, you must first deposit credits into your account. Playbonds is a 100% secure website. There are many payment methods available that guarantee comfort and safety to all our users.

Step 3: Play Bingo!
It’s very easy and fun! Play the real bingo multiplayer at Playbonds and win tons of prizes!
Take this opportunity to get to know the newest and hippest multiplayer bingo room!
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